Are you determined to take back your power and feel free from the insecurity, obsession, and anxiety of your attachment wounds?

Whether you have been overtaken by a relationship, highjacked by "the ick", or keep attracting the same unavailable types; this course is designed to help go from lost in love to feeling safe, secure, & empowered - starting by understanding this current situation/person.



Get access to what it really takes to heal attachment wounds & access your secure attachment

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This is definitely for you if:

  • You have accepted you have an anxious/avoidant attachment style
  • You have even seen some progress compared to how you reacted to triggering events in the past
  • You feel like you keep going "backwards" with your attachment healing
  • You are struggling to self-soothe
  • Your happiness & feeling content still depends on someone else
  • You are watching yourself repeat painful patterns not knowing how to break free
  • You are looking for help from someone else who gets it
  • You want up-to-date information and methods to help you feel secure in love
  • You want healthy love, yet you are keen to strengthen the relationship with yourself first.

Stop overthinking and obsessing about your love interest or ex

You will learn how to stop losing so much of your precious time & energy to someone else. 

Quit choosing people who use you & make you feel replaceable

You will know what it really takes to recognise red flags using a special formula.

Feel attracted rather than repulsed by the good guy

Understand exact steps you can take to reduce chances of "the ick".

Manage intense feelings that highjack you when you feel triggered

The honest truth about how to self-soothe and manage anxiety in the moment when it takes over.

What if I told you that love & dating does not have to be so difficult?

I know it feels impossible to make better choices when you are in the moment, but I am certain, with the information in this free course, you can begin to make significant shifts towards starting & keeping a healthy relationship.

Perhaps you have made some good progress so far and realise your worth, however you constantly cycle back into negative patterns of feeling “not good enough”, pushing people away, or going back to someone unhealthy because you believe it is better than nothing. 

If you already know about attachment styles and want to take your recovery to the NEXT level

In this free 3-part short course, you will experience the TRUTH about living with an insecure attachment style and an accurate guide on how to break your painful patterns and give yourself the best chance of catching yourself and being about to self-soothe.

It's not that the tools don't work for you, it's just attachment wounds go so deep and you need to know how to access them so you can rewire & change your reactions to your personal triggers within love, dating, & relationships.

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