Are you anxious or avoidant when it comes to your relationships?

This membership  provides the science & tools to help you access your secure attachment & experience lasting love.

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Our mission inside Follow Your Fire is to bring together a community & the most up-to-date education on what it takes to heal your attachment wounds; so that you can have deeper, conscious, & fulfilling relationships.

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This community is for you if you fall into one or both of these categoies



  • You find that once you are upset, it is extremely difficult to calm down
  • You become anxious, agitated, or scared by relationship triggers, rejection, conflicts, or a last minute change of plans
  • You can feel inconsolable when you are apart from your partner or the person you are loving right now
  • You can struggle to reflect and stick to your "self-soothing plan"
  • Attachments, rejection, and dating can interfere with you ability to function, focus, and socialise.
  • You are often chasing an avoidant partner, putting lovers on a pedestal, or setting for bread crumbs
  • You find yourself testing your partner or waiting for them to make the first move to reach out or resolve conflict
  • You withdraw intentionally or unintentionally by sulking, ignoring, or going quiet



  • You can find it difficult to rely on or connect with others for long periods of time
  • You can become agitated or annoyed when someone seems "too much" or interrupting your personal time
  • You notice you will purposely hold yourself back in love and question other people's intentions with you
  • You may struggle to reflect on emotions due to feeling numb, blank, or detached
  • You tend to recall negatives about your partner or date, especially if you feel triggered
  • You might notice you can go from being interested in someone to suddenly losing that initial spark ("ick")
  • You tend to start fights, sabotage, and push people away (or pull away) when things are going well
  • You pull away from physical intimacy and may even find their attempts to be "needy"

Imagine this...

An online space to you can come to when your relationships leave you feeling "crazy", confused, and out of touch.

We provide for grounding, hope, compassion, and support for those moments when you can't seem to re-gain control of your spiralling thoughts and one track mind.

Follow Your Fire has a library of insight & tools designed to help women who (mostly) have their sh*t together, yet have a pattern of losing a sense of self when it comes to your relationships &/or dating triggers!

Whether you are starting pointless fights with your partner, feeling heartbroken, stuck on an ex, keep attracting unavailable relationships, or find yourself in a relationship where you feel unloved - Follow Your Fire brings you a combination of Masterclasses, Expert Guests, Sharing Circles, and Psychological resources designed to heal relational & attachment wounds for good.

Because more than anyone, we know that the solo learning and book reading only takes you so far...

What you will learn in 2022 

And guess what? this is only the Masterclasses. It doesn't even cover the guest experts, ceremonies, and bonuses.

Becoming Secure & Coming Home



We all have secure, anxious, and avoidant tendencies. 

One of them is your dominant style and influences how you view relationships and the expectations you hold in love.

Are you ready to help heal insecure tendencies using a holistic approach to becoming secure? Are you saying YES to transforming pain and relationship anxiety into growth, purpose, & long-term change?

This is more than a membership. This is a space for you to explore your attachment styles & your relationship with self at a deeper level. This membership has you in mind, your present moment in mind, your inner peace in mind.

Let's stop missing a time of our lives that could be some of the best.


FYF is about unlearning critical thoughts, unhealthy patterns, and the narrative that we aren’t enough as we are, so that you can expand your self-esteem, come home to your most authentic self, and experience health love.


This pay monthly membership offers you community, affordable accessibility to coaching, education, and embodiment practices. 


Today you are invited to entertain the idea that you:

♡ Can feel secure in relationships

♡ Are capable of giving and receiving love

♡ Can let go of past pain

♡ Deserve happiness & good vibes

♡ Can repair the struggles you have with boundaries & communication.

♡ Are not the only person that struggles with mood and anxiety in relationships

♡ Are allowed to ask your partner for what you need

♡ Can have so much fun dating and being single!


Follow Your Fire is the perfect next step for the person has discovered attachment styles & is feeling called to deepen their own self-development journey and are looking to make an extra commitment to yourself.


Listen, people go a lifetime in the same patterns.. and the fact you are reading this tells me you are being called to break yourself free. This is what makes you unique and the perfect candidate to join Follow Your Fire…

What Is Included?

Three Elements to Change:

Masterclasses, Expert Guests, & Book Club for Learning & Understanding Your Relationship Patterns & Healing Wounds

Sharing Circles, Private Instagram & Community Groups for Support, Accountability, & Developing Trust with Like-Minded Women

Healing Practices, Resources, Journaling Prompts, Meditations, Self-Help Guides for Embodiment, Connection, & Integrating Change

Choosing a secure Attachment & Knowing Your Self-Worth

Follow Your Fire is the ultimate guide to SELF Discovery & Healing.

I know you have some confidence, and it's not like you always feel low, yet  you continue to wind up in this same place when it comes to your relationships.

It's most likely, you thought this was a trigger you had put behind you.. but it's happened again and the frustration is real.

The truth is, you are not alone. So many of us are struggling to embrace the possibility that we are enough, that we can hold down a relationship, or that we can finally attract a long-lasting healthy relationship.



Follow Your Fire

Each month inside FYF consists of a deeply thought out theme that will help you to understand your relationship patterns, form a brand new relationship with yourself (think Eat, Pray, Love), and experience a sense of hope that you can absolutely find freedom from this on-going dance.


We ALL have a SECURE Self that lives inside of us. She simply needs your permission to be free. 

This part of you LOVES to love, be loved, and to set her boundaries!

It's true you have other parts too... the ones that do not feel so loved & worthy, you will learn more about these different parts inside the membership.

Included in Your Monthly Membership

♡ You have Immediate access to a library of Short Courses, Workshops, & Expert Guests when you sign up today

♡ At the start of each month you are invited to join a Live Masterclass and Q&A with Carly Ann (based on a theme that supports deep attachment education & healing)

♡ Resources, Journal prompts, & Healing Exercises designed to bring emotional freedom, secure attachment, and healthy relationships.

♡ Private Online FB Community & private Instagram for Members Only where you can get support, share wins, and meet new soul sisters!

♡ Evidence-based monthly practice designed to correct attachment injury.

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I’m Carly Ann. I work with clients to heal relationship & dating wounds using  an up-to-date blend of the best practices.

I am a Qualified Coach, Podcaster, and Recovering Anxious Dater who is passionate about helping other women reclaim their worth in life & love.

Determined to put an end to you feeling ‘too much’, ‘crazy’, or ‘needy’ by giving you the inside scoop on why love makes you feel that way and how you can break free from people who enhance your insecurities.

Whether it is through my Podcast (Lessons in Love), Membership, or private coaching, I steer you from insecure, anxious, and losing yourself in love, to feeling complete by yourself, totally irreplaceable, and standing in your power as the leader of your love life.

Not to Mention the Library of goodies ALREADY waiting for you inside this membership!

Short Courses:

  • Cultivating Self-Compassion
  • Knowing Your needs in relationships


  • Steps to Healing from Abandonment Wounds & Insecurity
  • How to Trust SELF & Others (especially after it has been broken)
  • Communication in Dating & Relationships
  • Tapping into Your Intuition
  • Using Your Attachment style to Level Up

Guest Experts:

  • Regulating Emotions
  • Empowering your authentic self and connecting with purpose
  • Self talk & body image
  • + more!!



  • Access library of resources
  • Monthly Masterclass and Q&A
  • Monthly Practice/ Ritual
  • Monthly Sharing Circle for support
  • Guest Expert Workshops/Interviews
  • Short Courses 
  • Exclusive Access to Carly Ann's weekly wins & struggles
  • 1:1 call with Carly Ann



Save £ with yearly option

  • Access library of resources
  • Monthly Masterclass and Q&A
  • Monthly Practice/ Ritual
  • Monthly Sharing Circle for support
  • Guest Expert Workshops/Interviews
  • Short Courses
  • Exclusive Access to Carly Ann's weekly wind & struggle
  • 1:1 calls with Carly Ann
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What is follow Your Fire?

There comes a time when you realise you can no longer place your happiness in the hands of someone or something else.

We don't have to be at rock bottom to come to this realisation, but often we feel like that is exactly where we are.

Committing to a journey of SELF discovery, healing, and personal development can be a confusing & lonely space. Add heart-break, old habits, and high emotions to the mix and it can be easy to lose your way.

The concept of "Follow Your Fire" came to me when I decided I need to become my whole SELF (so I can stop losing myself in love). Following Your Fire means to reach YOUR potential and do what YOUR soul desires. We can make this our reality by re-learning fundamental life skills (like boundaries & connecting with intuition) and healing old wounds (attachment & abandonment wounds).

Other people haven't always understood my journey, which is why I was determined to build this space for you.

When you have a consistent inner whisper or a niggle that tells you to make a is time to listen.

You can probably look at your life and on paper things are good. In fact, you are successful in most areas of your life..but fundamentally you struggle with happiness & feeling good enough... especially when it comes to important relationships in your life.

Follow Your Fire is an amazing online space where you are invited to join my community and meet other souls on a similar personal journey.

Think of it like a virtual Eat, Pray, Love.

Each month we come together for a themed Masterclass, sacred sharing circles, and a space to learn from some of the most inspiring teachers/experts.

Waiting for you inside Follow Your Fire is a library of resources & courses. We've explored boundaries, intuition, healing, attachment styles, feminine energy, finding your purpose, and so much more goodness.

Coming up we have a focus on inner child healing, becoming SECURE, and the beauty of mirror work.

You are invited to join our community today.

Say no more - I'm IN!


Inside this membership lives women who are on their very own journey of self-discovery and we are honoured to do this together, we hope to see you inside. We are ready when you are ♡



A sneak peek into the next Masterclass (they take place 1st of every month)

Whether your insecurity is causing difficulties in your relationship, stopping you from putting yourself out there, or pushing people away; this masterclass is going to motivate you to make significant shifts in your love life. It is jam packed with knowledge, ideas, & practical steps so that you can go away and immediately embody HEALTHY love.