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Becoming Secure (& MORE!)

 With Carly Ann

 ➭ Are jealousy and comparison an issue for you in romantic relationships.

➭ Are you fed up with overthinking, analysing, investigating, ruminating, worrying?

➭ Do you Feel out of control when your anxiety is triggered and end up doing things you regret? 

➭ Do you get really panicky if someone takes longer to reply or you don’t hear from them?

➭ Are you still not attracted to the emotionally available ones (maybe your stuck on someone)?

➭ Or do you feel at risk of losing your current relationship


⇧ These are all symptoms of anxious attachment. 

& it doesn't have to be this way. When people practice the Psychological Tools on this course consistently over 4+ weeks, they see significant shifts towards their goals, and from anxious to secure attachment.


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If you're tired of feeling like your anxious attachment is running the show and you crave control over your emotions and relationships, look no further. 

Becoming Secure is my 7 week course that can arm you with the correct therapy tools to move you from anxious to secure attachment.

Life has thrown its fair share of curveballs your way, but guess what? You're still standing. You refuse to let your past define you. You're a fighter, and you're ready to take charge of your future.

Say goodbye to reactive behaviour and hello to a life filled with confidence and stability. It's time to stop settling for less and start living up to your fullest potential.


Your goal is not just for secure attachment but for the healthy love & life WE know you deserve.



Once You sign up you will be sent a welcome email with details to kick-start your journey.

Your first LIVE call will be on Monday 19th Feb  7pm UK time. LIVE Calls will weeky on zoom (replay is great too).


Your modules and trainings are released weekly inside a private, member-only hub. When each new module is released it will include:

  • LIVE calls with Carly Ann where you will PRACTICE core interventions for attachment
  • Pre-recorded training created by Carly Ann that teaches you how to move from anxious attachment to secure
  • Real Therapy Tools for you to use in your daily life
  • Key Resources and further reading
  • Visualisations and Meditations to repair attachment issues

You are invited to a LIVE call with Carly Ann each Monday (or replay) for real life practice and support. This is a place for questions and a safe space where you will have access to some of the most effective practices in attachment therapy.


Bonus masterclasses and advanced trainings on Attachment Styles, Healing the Mother Wound, & 5 Steps to Better Communication.






  • Attachment Trauma and Healing
  • Advanced Anxious Attachment Masterclass
  • Advanced Avoidant Attachment Masterclass




By exploring your triggers, attachment patterns, authentic Self through self-reflection, you will gain invaluable insights into your own behaviors and relationships. This module is when we look at how you got here and create clear steps to change!

This is the stage we begin priming you for an inner sense of self worth and security (often missed out in on courses like this) so that you can see results in your daily life.



This is a crucial chapter where you'll learn the art of healing your nervous system and self soothing your emotions - you you can release control and go with the flow. Is this your anxiety or intuition? Let's Dive deep into proven therapy techniques to help you navigate intense feelings & confusion. Here, you'll not only master your reactions but also reshape the energy you give off, radiating positivity and confidence.



You'll uncover thecore beliefs that are holding you back. We will reshape negative thought patterns and set you free from self-doubt and old stories. Using the power of Self-Compassion Therapy, you'll learn to heal wounds and shift core beliefs. As you master the art of changing thoughts and nurturing compassion, you're not just transforming your relationship with yourself; you're rewriting the script of your life, stepping into a future that you truly desire.




The inner healing journey where you'll reconnec with your inner child and confront the shadows of your past. Through hands-on somatic techniques and deep introspection, you'll peel back the layers & uncover your attachment struggles. By meeting every part of yourself, you pave the way for integration and self-love, moving you towards a brighter, more secure future.



The secret weapon every anxious attacher needs.  Here you'll master the art of resilience, transforming yoursetbacks into stepping stones and fear into fuel. Resilience isn't just a quality, this is your lifeline in the face of abandonment wounds, rejection, and the fear of being left behind. It's time to rediscover your strength, emerging from the shadows of anxiety with confidence and unwavering strength. Are you ready to rise?



Here, you'll shatter the barriers of fear and uncertainty, stepping boldly into the unknown with power and courage. It's time to chase the dreams that ignite your soul, embodying the most vibrant, authentic version of yourself. This journey isn't just about your relationship, it's about becoming the irresistible force you've always longed to be. This is where you become Secure & MORE! 


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What is Becoming Secure (& MORE!)?


This is a unique course, 7 week intensive that is ideal if you are ready to break free from the grip of insecure attachment patterns and expand  towards your fullest potential. 

A mixture of self-study, live calls, and practical tools - this course is made for individuals who are ready to relieve themselves from unhealthy... plus you are someone that yearns for more! A healthier relationship, contenment, better well-being, and so much... just more!


It is likely you already know so much, have great self-awareness, and can intuitively feel you are meant for MORE!


My unwavering passion lies in guiding people to see a life beyond the confines of their attachment style.

Everyone deserves happiness, safety, and freedom in every part of their existence, regardless of the past.

"Becoming Secure (& More!) works towards healing deeply engrained  attachment struggles while also welcoming those who hunger for something greater.

Know this: You are resilient, secure, and more capable than you might currently realise! 


This course isn't just about healing attachment; it's a path of self-discovery and empowerment.

Throughout this transformative journey, you'll acquire invaluable skills that serve as the cornerstone for healing attachment, all while experiencing the magical revelation of a more enriched life. 


Join us in unveiling your true potential, and let's be excited about moving towards a future filled with healthier relationships, deeper joy, and limitless possibilities.


Over the years Carly Ann has worked with thousands of people to support change. Becoming Secure narrows it down to six skills that lead to healing and transformation.


** This is a hybrid course that combines educational training sessions LIVE coaching calls (that include embodiment, exercises & Q&As). It offers a blend of live interactions (WhatsApp & LIVE calls) and self-paced learning experiences (training & meditations). This format allows for a mix of structured training content and interactive group activities. If you can only join on replay, you will still have access to the WhatsApp group and opportunities to ask questions **


I want you to know there are specific findings, methods, and resources that have been created specifically for healing attachment wounds and creating a bigger life.


While you may have a foundational understanding of attachment styles, this course takes you beyond theory and into the heart of attachment healing. We recognize that knowledge is powerful yet it is not enough on its own. It is the application of that knowledge that leads to real transformation. "Becoming Secure" empowers you with practical skills and actionable strategies that go beyond your current insights.

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What I want you to know

It IS possible to earn a secure attachment, self-soothe, and make better choices even if right now it feels like you have tried everything and still keep repeating patterns


Carly Ann - "I've walked the walk"

Hello! I'm Carly Ann a Somatic Attachment Coach & Trainee Psychotherapist!

What's different about me is I have moved from insecure to secure.

I've walked the path you're on, and I understand the rollercoaster of emotions that come with your insecure attachment. I've felt the sting of waiting anxiously by the phone, my heart racing with hope and uncertainty. I've known the regret that creeps in after letting insecurity control my actions, leaving me questioning my worth and the choices I've made. I've gone to bed wishing I could just heal and be better. Those moments of longing, of wishing for a sense of safety and connection with someone that gets me, have shaped my journey as much as I'm sure they shape yours. But let me tell you this: Our attachment and these experiences will not define us. They are our wake up call for change. We're here, not just to wish for secure attachment, but to actively cultivate it. The journey from insecure attachment to secure is a challenging one, but it's also a journey of empowerment, growth, and self-discovery. The future is bright and I am honoured to invite you on a significant part of the journey, if you choose, I will guide you through this chapter and bring you closer to your attachment goals.

I've walked the walk, and the treasures inside this course contribute to my biggest transformations.

 Is this course for you?

I've listed some common issues that others members of the course reported. If you relate, the course can help you too 



(the six skills covered on this course help to interrupt these habits)

  • Knowing a lot about attachment styles & self-soothing but struggling to regulate yourself in your day to day
  • Jealousy and comparison is an issue for you in romantic relationships. You might have an obsession with a specific person (like an ex) or more generally (other women/men)
  • Overthinking, analysing, investigating, ruminating, worrying etc
  • Feeling out of control when your anxiety is triggered and doing things you regret 
  • You get really panicky and your thoughts spiral if someone takes longer to reply or you don’t hear from them
  • You feel like you can't enjoy when things are good because you become so distracted by your worry
  • You struggle to communicate; you might say what you want when drunk, as an outburst, or when things end.
  • You often get into relationships that come with the same issues, perhaps they are unavailable or you get bored/annoyed easily.
  • If you’re in a relationship your thoughts surround not being important, never being chosen, not being good enough, or them leaving
  • If you’re single your thoughts surround being alone, feeling different, never being chosen, and obsessing over and ex or someone new.
  • You still see yourself changing your plans or holding off to make them “just in case”


Yes, it really is possible for you to interrupt your own attachment issues.

In Becoming Secure, you’ll learn how to understand, interrupt, and reshape your attachment style using six evidence based skills

Here is what past members are saying about the course:

Do you find yourself yearning for deeper connections but feeling paralysed by fear? Are you tired of pushing people away due to attachment patterns you can't seem to escape?



Imagine a life where you possess the invaluable skill of self-soothing - where you have the power to calm your own anxieties and uncertainties. As you dive into Becoming Secure, you unlock the doors to authentic self-love and a needed sense of safety. With each module, you rewrite the narrative of your relationships, weaving threads of trust, authentic love, and genuine connection. Imagine the limitless potential that awaits you, from cultivating healthier emotional responses to having deeper bonds with others. By committing to Becoming Secure, you open yourself up to a world where you not only find security within, but also cultivate a sense of contentment that ripples through all aspects of your life, transforming your experience of dating and love for the better.

This course is ideal if you:

  1. Ready to Take Action: "Becoming Secure" is designed for individuals who are not just seeking knowledge but are hungry for actionable steps that support long term change.

  2. Determined to Heal: This course is your dedicated space to dive into profound self-discovery, embrace vulnerability, and rewrite your attachment narrative with intention and determination.

  3. Already Equipped with Attachment Knowledge: You're not starting from scratch. You've delved into attachment theory and understand its impact. 

  4. Open to Somatic & CBT Approaches: You recognize that true transformation involves the mind and the body. "Becoming Secure" seamlessly takes a holistic approach that addresses both emotional patterns and physiological responses.

  5. Ready Now for Change: The course is tailored for those who aren't waiting for the "perfect" moment – you're ready now. You've glimpsed the possibility of change, and you're eager to seize it. "Becoming Secure" provides you with the tools, guidance, and community to turn that possibility into reality



Firstly, "Becoming Secure (& MORE!)" is not just any course - it's a unique blend of attachment research, well-being principles, and the art of creating lasting change. This course is made for individuals who are ready to liberate themselves from unhealthy attachment patterns and that yearn for more - a healthier relationship, enhanced joy, better well-being, and so much more.


🔑 Ideal if you're in any of the following situations:

💔 You’re rediscovering yourself after heartbreak and/or losing yourself

🛤️ Your insecurity is negatively impacting your relationships

🙏🏻 You still struggle to soothe yourself and feel secure

✋ You're still not attracted to the emotionally available ones

💎 You feel at risk of losing your current relationship


🔑 What's Inside:

We deep dive into six core pillars that will support you to reach emotional security and cultivate satisfying relationships that stand the test of time. This course is not just a quick fix; it's an incredible journey that can bring you the joy of secure attachment for a lifetime.


🔑 Why This Course Is Invaluable:

We're not promising an overnight miracle. "Becoming Secure" is a 3-month experience designed for one reason: to create meaningful, long-term change in your life and relationships. The value lies not in what you'll learn but in how AMAZING you'll feel when you embrace the joys of secure attachment.


🔑 Styles of Learning:

This is a hybrid course that combines educational training sessions with LIVE coaching calls (that include embodiment, exercises & Q&As). It offers a blend of live interactions (WhatsApp & LIVE calls) and self-paced learning experiences (training & meditations). This format allows for a mix of structured training content and interactive group activities. If you can only join on replay, you will still have access to the WhatsApp group and opportunities to ask questions **


Join us in "Becoming Secure," where we'll combine insightful training, soul-nourishing meditation, practical tools, and unwavering live support to explore and transform your attachment patterns.




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  • Weekly LIVE Zoom with Carly Ann
  • Real time WhatsApp support 
  • Unique Training Videos & Tools for Becoming Secure
  • Audio Meditations & Self-Sooting Support
  • Community Support





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  • Weekly LIVE Zoom with Carly Ann
  • Real time Whatsapp support 
  • Unique Training Videos for Becoming Secure
  • Audio Meditations & Self-Sooting Support
  • Community Support





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  • Weekly LIVE Zoom with Carly Ann
  • Real time Whatsapp support 
  • Unique Training Videos & Tools for Becoming Secure
  • Audio Meditations & Self-Sooting Support
  • Community Support




I believe your time on Earth is precious, and this course is an intentional investment in streamlining your healing process.

When you delve into these three months of immersive learning, we equip you with six essential skills that empower you to heal and grow.

Becoming Secure is not just about addressing immediate concerns; it's about arming you with tools to support lasting change and better relationships. By practicing and integrating these skills over time, you'll find yourself on a path of sustained healing and emotional stability.

This investment isn't just for the present – it's a commitment to a more secure and fulfilling future. Your healing journey deserves the utmost care and attention, and that's precisely what we offer through this transformative experience.

This course gives the skills that can help you:

  • Feel more confident in your ability to self-soothe and calm yourself down
  • Know how to communicate effectively with your anxious & avoidant patters
  • Use popular methods through an attachment lens, meaning you will heal rather than exasperate your patterns.
  • Reduce your tolerance for unavailable, crumby behaviour.
  • Feel more attracted to secure, healthy love without it triggering the ick or boredom.
  • Be able to pause before you react, withdraw, communicate, or get angry.
  • Be more willing to go through the uncertainty of dating, putting yourself out there, and hard conversations
  • Able to feel OK and neutral when you are in a season of life when things are unclear and unsure
  • Tap into a state of gratitude, happiness, and expansiveness because you deserve it
  • Experience rejection without slipping into a dark hole of despair & anxiety
  • Listen and accept “criticism” without getting defensive, worried, or angry
  • Stay centred when you are away from your partner or you feel like you desperately need someone (and they are not available).
  • Improve your self-esteem and manifest a secure relationship with yourself
  • Move from insecure to secure attachment, we know it can be done!



In Becoming Secure, you’ll learn how to understand, interrupt, and reshape your attachment style using six evidence based skills!


Lave your details below and we will be in touch

Get Community Support

At the heart of our transformative course focused on healing attachment lies the profound significance of community support. With over 10 years of dedicated experience in delivering impactful group work, we've consistently witnessed the unexpected power of a supportive community. This journey isn't meant to be navigated alone; it thrives on shared experiences, empathetic connections, and the comfort of knowing you're not alone. Our robust community offers a safe haven where you can share, learn, and grow alongside others who are on a similar path. With access to our 24/7 chat, you'll never be far from a helping hand or a listening ear. Let this community uplift you, encourage you, and empower you to heal attachment wounds, fostering security and growth in unison.