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Carly Ann wholeheartedly understands the heart-wrenching and confusing relationship patterns people find themselves in time and time again. 

Using the six SECURE pillars, Carly Ann offers a holistic blend of the best education, psychological methods, and healing practices, Carly Ann will work with you to reshape your response & experiences with dating & love.

This a journey of Rediscovering Your SELF so that you can learn the art of connection and finally feel secure in your relationships.



Background: Your attachment system is laid down early in life and via significant relationships later in life. We experience attachment ruptures as serious threats to our survival, and this severely impacts how we show up in our current relationships. Carly Ann is uses holistic healing methods to recognize attachment dynamics and address them during our time together. Our work is based on the following three Pillars:





It is not uncommon to feel like you know all the information yet continuing to get caught up in the moment and living from a reactive state. Acting out of character, pushing people away, finding yourself in a state of despair & anxiety.

We get to understand what stands between you and putting your learning & techniques into practice.



It can feel impossible to walk away from what does not serve you. Whether you are experiencing a break-up, "rejection", or unrequited love it can feel like life is on hold. On the flip side, self-sabotage can happen when faced with a new potential. We work together to help you become more available & responsive during times of stress & triggers. You will learn strategies to enhance your resilience and ability to move from feeling stuck & worried to confident & excited about your new future.



Being in a relationship can highlight new/old wounds. Losing yourself and/or acting of character can interfere with a healthy relationship. We will be looking at advanced practices to transform attachment trauma and allow for embodying rewiring your attachment style. If you have been struggling to show up as secure in your relationship - this is when you understand why and go beyond.



The Transformation


On our first call we will get clear on your roadmap to becoming secure.

Typically during our time together, we focus on 1-3 core difficulties (with the option to extend).

Common transformations I work with include supporting Anxious & Avoidant Tendencies:

  • Self-Soothing & Regulating Emotions
  • Understanding and managing triggers
  • Repair boundary issues
  • Specific emotion regulation e.g. jealousy, sadness
  • Self-Esteem
  • Separation anxiety
  • Resilience in Heart-Break & Rejection
  • Rediscovering & Repairing Relationship with SELF
  • Letting go
  • Grounding, becoming present, and living in the now
  • Inner conflict & sense of loss when it comes to relationships
  • Inner Child Focus
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Who I work with

Honestly? The people I work with have hit a wall and are sick of being back in the same spot. My clients are ready to show up & access the bigger breakthroughs.

Self-help and a meditation is not enough to heal attachment wounds, you need to be willing to get to know yourself on a brand new level.

Your sessions will take you to the root of what has been keeping you stuck and holding you back from experiencing extraordinary relationships.  At the heart of each session is bringing awareness to what is going on unconsciously and retraining your mind & body for a "Hell YES" life & love.

  • Unlearning & rewiring painful patterns in dating & love
  • Healing Attachment Wounds
  • Connecting with SELF worth


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I believe

It takes a unique process and deep SELF awareness to heal attachment wounds and interrupt relationship/dating patterns.

My mission is simple; To put an end to you feeling "crazy" or "too much" by understanding why love makes you feel this way.

You will be guided to connect with your SELF so you can reclaim your magic, your love life, & your dreams.

  • Get to know your TRUE triggers so you can handle them with strength
  • Embody full self-acceptance & rid your inferiority complex
  • Dial up the volume of SELF & Intuition so you can respond to life instead of react
  • Be excited, excited, attracted, and OPEN to healthy love
  • Learn to trust your SELF (+ others) & love again


Carly Ann's Availability This Week


To create long lasting change and breaking these painful habits for good, I only work with people who are a "HELL YES" to this investment.

Transformation happens when you realise you are on this page for a reason.


I take HUGE pride in helping my clients to:

  • Say NO to what & who is blocking them from happiness & love (like unavailable partners!!)
  • Break through their "surface problem" and get to the cause of WHY they keep landing back here.
  • Get a hold of themselves and stop letting jealousy, anxiety, fear, comparison etc ruin their relationships
  • Stop losing your sense of self in dating & relationships
  • Make better choices when they fall down the rabbit hole of overthinking, sulking, and testing out their lovers.
  • Engage in radical self-acceptance so they can live bigger & feel happier.

Testimonials from my 1:1 Clients

Since working with Carly Ann Identifying thoughts was a big step for me, but also self compassion. Looking back, i was my biggest bully. 


I’m also stepping away from being “the fixer”. I’m starting to feel way more comfortable in my own skin.

After 2 years of holding on to a past relationship, I feel like I’ve finally let go.

 One practice of Carly’s that really helped whenever I thought about that relationship. 

It has helped me stop ruminating about the past and focus more on the present and future"

"I am barely triggered by my ex boyfriend anymore! I take time to pause before responding and I am more trusting in the universe having my back"

You deserve more, & I am here to help you receive it!

I have been through this process. I get it. And as a result of that, I know what it requires to experience REAL change so you can give yourself  the best chance at deep love & real happiness in your lifetime!

What Next


Once you have booked your free introductory call, you will be emailed the zoom link.

The calls are very relaxed and there is no expectations, this is simply a first step for us to see if we are a match.

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It's important we jump on a brief call together before confirming because in order for this to create long-term change there has to be an energetic match for us. When you know you've met your next coach, you just know :)

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