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Becoming Secure
Have you reached a tipping point where you've had enough of repeating old, painful attachment patterns, and you're ready for lasting change?

Hi, I'm Carly Ann.

I can help you to manage triggers, self-soothe, improve your mood, and more.

Hey there, I'm Carly Ann - a certified CBT & Somatic Attachment Therapist and a Trainee Psychotherapist. I know firsthand what it's like to live with an anxious attachment, but I also know the power of healing. Now, my mission is to guide you through that same transformative journey.

For over a decade, I've been dedicated to helping individuals not just cope, but thrive. I specialise in teaching people to self-soothing, manage their mood, and reshape their nervous system from insecure to secure. I believe you deserve to experience a healthy, happy love in your lifetime, especially if you have not had the best start in love.

Imagine bidding farewell to those moments of feeling crazy, too much, or not enough in your relationships. I'm on a mission to empower you with the insights and therapy tools to understand why love has left you feeling this way, and more importantly, how to change.

If you have an anxious attachment style, you've just stumbled upon a community of like-minded individuals committed to becoming more secure. I'm happy you have found us!



To discuss working together, pop your details below and I will be in touch with more details

Meet Carly Ann

I’m a Qualified Somatic Attachment Coach, CBT practitioner, and Trainee Psychotherapist.

Passionate about being (formally) Trauma Informed and bringing this to my practice

That means I have the expertise and the lived experience!

I am so passionate about supporting people to understand, interrupt, and reshape how they experience relationships. I know love and dating can make you feel crazy, and I also know you're not crazy!

I have the therapy tools to help you change how you think manage your mood, and build your self-esteem.



I support people going through various difficulties from break ups, dating anxiety, new relationships, and rediscovering themselves. The habits that manifest for you could look like one or all of the following:

  • Knowing a lot about attachment styles & self-soothing but struggling to regulate yourself in your day to day

  • You are triggered by time apart from the person you are attached to

  • Struggling to get back into dating, take risks, and be out of your comfort zone

  • Jealousy and comparison is an issue for you in romantic relationships. You might have an obsession with a specific person (like an ex) or more generally (other women/men)

  • Overthinking, analysing, investigating, ruminating, worrying etc

  • Feeling out of control when your anxiety is triggered and doing things you regret 

  • You get really panicky and your thoughts spiral if someone takes longer to reply or you don’t hear from them

  • You feel like you can't enjoy when things are good because you become so distracted by your worry

  • You struggle to communicate; you might say what you want when drunk, as an outburst, or when things end.

  • Feeling alone on your journey and you want to speak to someone who get you without judgement

  • You've done courses and read the books but feel you need help with your specific problems.

  • You often get into relationships that come with the same issues, perhaps they are unavailable or you get bored/annoyed easily.

  • If you’re in a relationship your thoughts surround not being important, never being chosen, not being good enough, or them leaving

  • If you’re single your thoughts surround being alone, feeling different, never being chosen, and obsessing over and ex or someone new.

  • You still see yourself changing your plans or holding off to make them “just in case”

Cassie's Story

I made the leap from following to contacting Carly Ann as I'd hit rock bottom in my suffering with separation anxiety/anxious attachment.
I'd gotten to a point where I was just sick of feeling such a way, and wanted to free myself of it, even if in just tiny steps.


I almost didn't work with Carly Ann because of fear! Fear of not being considered "bad" enough to do something like this, fear that other people have a lot bigger issues so I didn't deserve to do it, fear that it wouldn't be helpful/make a difference.

I learned so much working with Carly Ann. From how to focus on myself when my partner goes away rather than "my world is ending".

I learned helpful techniques. I gained courage in having difficult conversations, talking through challenging topics with Carly was so helpful, and then I was able to bring those conversations into my relationship. This is massive as someone who has often been very afraid of speaking up and sharing vulnerable feelings. 4. The inner child work Carly introduced me to was super eye-opening and emotional!

My biggest takeaway has been changing thought patterns - asking myself what I can do for myself when partner is going away. Having difficult conversations- feel like my partner and I have grown even closer through my working with Carly. In general I feel less activated, though there are still moments of it and I now have techniques to help me through it.

If you're thinking about having Carly Ann as your Coach, she is wonderful, warm, open, non-judgemental, empathetic, andcompassionate.

 (name and photo changed to protect confidentiality of my clients)



"I am someone who falls recklessly in love, as a romantic I have invested my entire being into the other person. I lose myself completely. When the relationship ends, so does my sense of self and so I would continue to look for the next person and the cycle continues. Through much heartache and sense of limbo, working with Carly Ann has helped immensely return me, to well, Me! Carly Ann really listens to you and provides tools and support just for you. I'm so happy that I chose her to work with me in my healing"



"Working with Carly Ann increased my self-esteem & sense of worth. Now I recognise my strengths, that I was always 'worthy' and enough (regardless of someone's behaviour), that I can heal, and make new choices, that serve my highest self.



These small changes gradually had a compound affect - my life has become less centred around the loss I had experienced and 'needing' someone else and more about how can I look after myself, get to know myself, and create a meaningful, balanced life again"



"Carly Ann helped me to make sense of why I was struggling so much with a heartbreak at the time, in relation to my attachment style, previous life experiences, and the emotional unavailability of my ex.  She guided me to try new and small steps to regulate/soothe a lot of sadness and anxiety. This helped me reduce self-judgement & self-loathing"

Testimonials from my 1:1 Clients

Since working with Carly Ann Identifying thoughts was a big step for me, but also self compassion. Looking back, i was my biggest bully. 


I’m also stepping away from being “the fixer”. I’m starting to feel way more comfortable in my own skin.

After 2 years of holding on to a past relationship, I feel like I’ve finally let go.

 One practice of Carly’s that really helped whenever I thought about that relationship. 

It has helped me stop ruminating about the past and focus more on the present and future"

"I am barely triggered by my ex boyfriend anymore! I take time to pause before responding and I am more trusting in the universe having my back"



To discuss working together, pop your details below and I will be in touch with more details